After mother’s death of coronavirus, two Colo. sisters forced to watch funeral over FaceTime

GREELEY, Colo. (KDVR/CNN) - Amid the coronavirus pandemic, two sisters in Colorado are heartbroken after they had to attend their mother’s funeral over a live video stream because of a no-travel order.

Tracy Dilka and her sister, Teresa Nixon, say the livestreamed service for their mother, 85-year-old Marty Evans, did not provide them the closure of a typical funeral. (Source: Tracy Dilka/KDVR/Tribune/CNN)

After their mother, 85-year-old Marty Evans, died from COVID-19, Tracy Dilka and her sister, Teresa Nixon, attended her funeral service Tuesday over FaceTime. The two say the livestreamed service did not provide them the closure of a typical funeral.

"It's heartbreaking. We didn't get to personally tell her goodbye. It's very hard, very hard," Dilka said.

Evans was buried in Yuma County, Colorado. Dilka says she couldn’t be there for the service because she lives in Weld County, and a no-travel order is in place.

When her mother died, Dilka experienced the grief by herself. Because she had been with her mother, she decided to self-isolate for two weeks in hopes of protecting her daughter and husband from COVID-19.

"It was heartbreaking. I’ve never cried so many tears,” she said.

Within a matter of days of Evans showing symptoms, her health got progressively worse, according to Dilka.

"When I took Mom to the emergency room, I had no idea this would be our outcome,” she said. “We kept Mom in a bubble. Mom never went into Walmart, Target, grocery stores, anywhere.”

One of the saddest moments was when Dilka had to leave her mother’s clothes and items that were to be buried with her in a trash bag outside for the coroner to pick up.

"Do what everybody says: stay home! Because it hurts losing your mother or your father, brother, sister, parent, anybody,” she said.

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