ASL coronavirus resources available for the Deaf Community

An image of just one of the many videos the CDC has provided for the Deaf Community on...
An image of just one of the many videos the CDC has provided for the Deaf Community on COVID-19. (CDC Website Photo) (WLUC)
Published: Apr. 24, 2020 at 3:47 PM EDT
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In this time of uncertainty, it's important that everyone has access to information.

"If you're not informed, you have the possibility of making poor decisions. There's a lot of information coming at people right now from the governor's executive orders,” said Mike Snyder, Health Officer at Delta and Menominee County Public Health.

When the CDC released COVID-19 resource videos in American Sign Language, the Deaf Community was thankful.

Teddy Dorsette III, Public Relations Coordinator for the Michigan Deaf Association expressed the importance of having resources in his language.

"The way that we get that is again, through that digital medium. It's our hands, it's our signing. That's the way that we communicate, by using sign language. So, for us, we have that lack of information until it's provided,” said Dorsette.

People who are deaf often don't have access to the resources they need. Our world is designed for people who can hear.

"I guess for me, one of my responses is 'as the Deaf Community, we want that information the same as the hearing community. So why should we have to wait?'" said Dorsette.

One of the biggest issues right now, is not having an interpreter at the White House. Without an interpreter, Deaf people have no way of knowing what is being said.

"For me, that's something that is very important for us. We're doing it here in Detroit and we're doing it in the state of Michigan. Why can't we have that in the White House?" said Dorsette.

The Deaf Community may not always communicate using their vocal chords, but they still have a right to information in their language and equal access should be a priority.

"We're all human. We're all the same. We may have some differences, but we're all human at the end of the day,” said Dorsette.

Check out all the available videos in the