A Hancock man is still missing and the family is speaking out

Published: Jan. 26, 2017 at 5:57 PM EST
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It's been almost two weeks that the family has been actively searching for Ryan Clark, 33, after they've discovered him missing on the morning of January 13th.

"He had a job shoveling a friend's driveway and he had not taken the car so we knocked on the door," said Ryan's mother, Marilyn Clark. "He wasn't there."

Ryan was reported missing after not showing up for dinner on January 13th.

His cell phone and wallet was left behind.

The Houghton County Sheriff department, Michigan State Police and other search agencies have been searching for Ryan through out Hancock and surrounding areas.

They've also been viewing survelliance cameras outside of local businesses and the Portage Lift bridge.

"We've called all of the real estate agents in Hancock tracking down empty buildings that are easy for people to take shelter in," said Ryan's sister, Jacqui Clark.

A Facebook page has been created by the family called,

and they're hoping to get as many leads and tips as possible to help with the search.

They've even hired a private investigator. The FBI is also involved in the case.

They're many missing flyers through out the Keweenaw. The family is now broadening their search to help find Ryan Clark.

"He's a strong, smart, capable, funny, thirty-three year old man, but we're worried about him," mentioned Ryan's mother, Marilyn Clark. "We're a tight family. We really want him to come home."

The Houghton County Sheriff department says that they don't suspect any foul play.

Family members mention that Ryan has no history of a mental illness, however they say that Ryan was dealing with stress of moving out of his mother's house prior to his disapperance.