8-18 Media presents awards to youth journalists

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Young writers and reporters gathered for an awards ceremony dubbed "The Academy Awards of Youth Journalism."

The awards were part of 8-18 Media, a journalism and leadership program through the U.P. Children's Museum.

Various media organizations like The Mining Journal and WNMU Public Radio presented awards for their picks for the best written articles.

The awards are meant to put a spotlight on the fact that the kids themselves are the ones writing and producing the stories.

"I think 8-18 really empowers their voices. The kids really come up with all the story ideas, they edit their stories, from beginning to end this is their program. I'm just here to make contacts for them," said 8-18 Media Director Marnie Foucault.

The awards ceremony was followed by a party in the children's museum.

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