6th grade students visit NMU

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Sixth graders from nine charter schools in Michigan experienced life as a college student today thanks to the Young Wildcat Scholars program at Northern Michigan University.

These middle school students attended classes taught by NMU faculty, stayed in campus dorms, and even visited Presque Isle and local museums.

NMU coordinators say this opportunity gives students early exposure to campus life and the beauty of the UP.

“It's been a strife getting through this whole program,” said NMU Student Coordinator Angela Brown. “It's definitely a long haul, but once you see the students and how excited they are, and getting off the bus and coming onto the campus, it really shows you how much an impact you’re making on them, and how much this program means to the kids.”

The Young Wildcat Scholars leave Friday morning. But throughout the rest of the day, they'll continue exploring the rest of NMU and Marquette.