52nd Annual CBC Fundraiser raises over $65,000 for charity

MANISTIQUE, Mich. (WLUC) - The 52nd Annual CBC Fundraiser took place Sunday, raising over $65,000 for three different charities.

Proceeds from the event went to the American Cancer Society, Bay Cliff Health Camp, and Good Neighbor Services.

"We've built up a little bit of a legacy doing this and we've got an awesome community. We enjoy strong support and every year, we do the same fund drive to help out in our community," said PJ Stoll, the third chair for the CBC.

In addition to a radio telethon where listeners can make pledges and bid on various items at the fundraiser, attendees can also enjoy a talent show, games, booths set up by different organizations, and food. The fun atmosphere makes the event very popular.

"Well last year, we did more than $60,000 for the whole fundraising effort, and I believe last year's event was the best on record. Over the years, we've raised a significant amount of money for the charities," said Stoll.

For event volunteer, Naomi Fletcher, the CBC Fundraiser is more than just raising money. Her son, Eugene, has benefited first-hand from events like these from attending Bay Cliff Health Camp.

"It gave him so many life skills. He was able to go on to college and be fairly independent and pursue his dreams in computer technology, drafting, 3-D printing, things like that," Fletcher said.

Stoll adds that with events like these, the community is really what pulls everything together.

"Community support it what keeps it going. I mean it's really the key for doing this and what really energizes us to come and volunteer and help out. As you've seen walking around the school today, we've got a whole bunch of volunteers," he added.

For more on the event, visit the CBC's Facebook page.

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