Fire simulations keep Marquette City Fire Department prepared

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The smoke and sirens from 1504 West Ridge Street in Marquette Tuesday morning were not a sign for panic. The Marquette City Fire Department intentionally simulated a fire as a training exercise.

According to Fire Captain Jeff Green, they take advantage of these opportunities whenever given the chance.

"We had an opportunity with a vacant house that is set for demolition to do some training, some good hands-on training," said Capt. Green.

While it was only a replication, the experience still felt real. Fireman Pete Windsor, who wanted to fight fires since he was young, shares his experience.

"It's about as close as you can get to it, I guess, without having an actual fire involved," said Windsor. "When you go in, there's zero visibility. And you're kind of crawling around trying to figure out a house that you've never been in before. So just trying to figure out where you're at and where you're going."

Simulated smoke and a 180 pound manikin occupied the house set for destruction. The Marquette City Fire Department used a standard right-hand swoop with a charged hose line to find and extricate the victim.

Firefighters use reproductions like this to better prepare for real-life incidents.

"In the case or a real circumstance where we'd have a trapped victim, time is of the essence. So, the more we practice it, the more muscle memory we have,” said Green. “So that if we're put in that circumstance, we have an idea what to do and the most expeditious way to do it."

The Marquette City Fire Department will continue performing training exercises on West Ridge Street the rest of the week.

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