410th Security Police Squadron holds reunion in Ishpeming

ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - Members from the 410th Security Police Squadron that were stationed at K.I. Sawyer when it was an active Air Force base came together for a reunion Saturday at the Country Village RV Park in Ishpeming.

Airmen and women from all over the country attended to share some food, drinks, and laughs.

"There's a lot of people. We have people from Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, Florida, I mean, they come from all over the place,” said Warren Anderson, who served at K.I. Sawyer from 1975-1979.

The base closed in 1995 and for many at the reunion, it was a chance to revisit a place where they spent many years.

"We all love coming back to the U.P. This was home, you know, and it's always great to get back up here,” Anderson said.

One of his favorite parts of the reunion, Anderson said, was getting a chance to share stories with brothers and sisters in arms.

"It's really great that we all get to meet. I was there in the 70s, we have a gentleman here from the 60s this year, and we have others, quite a few, here from the 80s and then a few from the 90s. So it's just really great to get with each other and find out how much we all have in common and just the friendships that we've made through the years. It's just really something,” he said.

Clyde Searfoss, who retired as a staff sergeant from the Air Force after 21 years of service, said he really looks forward to these reunions and hearing how much the base changed since he left in 1966.

"This one here is special because it made my day yesterday, it made my day today, and it made my year,” Searfoss said.

Next year marks the 25th anniversary of the closing of the base, and Anderson said a much larger reunion is in the works.

"I know that there are other squadrons from base that also have reunions in the area and right now they're trying to coordinate when those groups are going to be around for next year as well as ours and try to pull something so everyone is there at the same time," Anderson said.

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