31 Backpacks is making preparations for their big holiday pack

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - 31 Backpacks is going around the Keweenaw picking up food and toiletries for their big holiday pack.

Wednesday the nonprofit stopped at Dollar Tree in Houghton to buy $1,100 of toiletries for children in need. The organization provides lunches for students whose families are having financial troubles, and they'll be sending kids home for the holidays with a large amount of food and other supplies.

"Each student gets about 4 or 5 kitchen sized bags each filled with food, and that should well cover the time that they're off from school and help make sure that they're ready to learn when they come back to school," said Melissa Maki, Vice President of 31 Backpacks.

31 Backpacks is looking for volunteers to help with packing the bags for the students on December 15 at Glad Tidings in Hancock.

For those looking to volunteer to help with the packing you can send an email to 31backpacks@gmail.com.

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