1 male and 2 females arrested as part of Florence County interdiction effort

FLORENCE COUNTY, Wis. (WLUC) - Update: Monday October 23rd, 5:04 P.M:

Florence County Sheriff's Office hosted a High Visibility drug interdiction effort that brings agencies together to conduct traffic stops to locate drug suspects and drugs being carried in vehicles.

The effort resulted in 3 custodial arrests, 1 male and 2 female suspects, involving possession of marijuana, methamphetamine, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sheriff Jeff Rickaby said in a statement,

"The group works on these types of events and other investigative matters to target illegal drugs in the area. People should expect to see more of these efforts due to the increase in illegal drugs in our area. We have seen a significant increase in methamphetamine and heroin in our area. The increase is partially the result of organized drug dealers coming to our area".

"Our response is to increase enforcement efforts to combat the influx of drug activity. Interdiction is one of the tools used by the task force along with other less obvious investigative techniques".

The interdiction efforts involve a multi-county task force of law enforcement agencies from Florence, Forest, Marinette, and Oconto Counties.

A portion of the cost of these activities are covered through grant money.
Three people were arrested Friday during a high-visibility drug enforcement effort in Florence County, says county sheriff Jeff Rickaby.

Rickaby says there was also a high-speed chase involving two motorcycles. The motorcycles were seen going at least 100 mph when the chase began on US-2 in Florence Township.

Rickaby says the motorcycles split up and traveled into Dickinson and Marinette counties. Deputies called off the chases because of safety concerns. Rickaby says one motorcycle was clocked at 142 mph when the chase was called off. Neither motorcyclist has been found.

Florence County conducted a high-visibility drug interdiction effort Friday afternoon and evening with help from Marinette County, Forest County and Oconto County. Rickaby says there were 17 units assigned to Florence County, including K9 units, marked patrol cars and unmarked patrol cars.

Rickaby says the three arrests involved meth and a variety of other drugs, and he expects some felony charges and more arrests will come from the enforcement effort. The cases have been referred to the district attorney. Rickaby says the three people arrested have been released on bond.

Rickaby says he plans to release more information about the arrests in a news release later Monday. Check this story for the latest information.

Rickaby says some federal grant money aimed at fighting opioid abuse may cover some of the unit's work.

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