26th annual Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow draws attendees from far and wide

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Northern Michigan University's Native American Student Association hosted the 26th annual Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow at the Marquette National Guard Armory Saturday.

For Native Americans, it's a celebration of life and time to get together with friends, family and to make new friends.

Visitors also had plenty of opportunity to learn about Native American culture and to see and purchase different crafts from vendors and more.

Attendees were also encouraged to share the different types of music, learn about styles of dances and various outfits.

Of course food was a big part of the festivities and there was plenty of fried bread tacos and fried bread pizza.

Kristina Misegan is President Native American Student Association at NMU. She says events like this only happen once or twice a year and all cultures should embrace the Pow Wow.

“Yes, it is a celebration! We have a lot of people that don't see each other that much, friends and family and they do travel to these Pow Wows to see each other, say hello and hang out. We are on Anishinaabe territory and it's a good way to learn about the Native Americans that were here before us,” Misegan declared.

Afterwards there was a massive turkey feast at the Jacobetti Complex. It was open to the entire community and to everyone that attended the Pow Wow.

There was also a hand drum competition with cash prizes and more.

NMU Native American Student Association also hosts the First Nations Food Taster as a fundraiser for Pow Wows like this one.

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