$2.5M grant awarded to several UP school systems

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - As part of the statewide Marshall Plan, a $2.5M grant will be awarded to several school systems around the Upper Peninsula.

That money will be spent to develop a cyber-security pathway for elementary and high school students according to Escanaba Area Public Schools Superintendent, Doctor Coby Fletcher.

He says his schools begin teaching technology skills at the kindergarten level and curriculum gradually becomes more complex throughout higher grade levels thanks to the grant.

By the time students graduate high school, they'll have been exposed to real-world cyber security subject matter.

Fletcher says this would connect directly to curriculum in places like Bay College and Northern Michigan University

"We would want kids to come away with a very meaningful understanding of cyber security. I anticipate as we work on developing our pathway we'll be introducing them to not only basic computer science principles, networking programing which is why it was exciting for us,” Fletcher

Fletcher says Delta County Schools and neighboring school systems will coordinate together to prevent redundancy in the classroom and that students will have many more options upon graduation.