2019 Winter Carnival Snow Statue winners announced

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Science, technology, engineering, and math... oh my.

The 2019 Michigan Tech Winter Carnival is using all four in their theme, Years of Innovation STEM from this Snowy Situation.

"It just ties in with a lot of things we do here on campus so it’s really fun," said the all-nighter statue judge, Susan Liebau.

Since January 11, 20 organizations have been working on snow statues that take the theme to new heights.

This year’s winner is Phi Kappa Tau.

Together they took Roman technology as their inspiration for their snow and ice creation leaving a lasting impression on many.

Coming in second was Tau Kappa Epsilon that took spectators to the farm with in a detail agricultural technology scene.

Scattered throughout campus are smaller statues which are commonly referred to as "all-nighter statues" meaning that students had only 17 hours to create something creative in theme.

"There’s a lot of effort that’s gone into it and clearly the students are excited, a lot of groups have participated and it’s been real fun to see what they have put forth," said Liebau.

Early Thursday morning, judges swept over campus critiquing each scene based on specific criteria.

"First impressions, cleanliness of the snow and creativity and tie into the theme," said Liebau.

Of the 32 all-nighter statues, St. Albert the Great took the crown with an icy presentation of the Vatican observatory.

"Attention to detail is a big thing because some of them, it’s amazing what you can do with snow and ice and it’s fun to see," said Steve Patchin, another judge.

Maps are available to guide visitors to each snowy scene.

"You can see them in a picture, but once you get to walk around them as see the detail it really is fantastic," said Patchin.

All the snow statues can be seen on campus throughout the month, weather permitting.

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