19 people rescued from snowed in cabin

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SPALDING TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - Nineteen people were rescued form a cabin on Monday after being stuck for an extended period of time due to the snow.

On Monday, December 2, first responders were called to a family cabin on North Gaber Road off of M-69 in Spalding Township.

The cabin was located 6 miles off M-69 on an unplowed road with two feet of snow on it.

There were 10 children and 9 adults stuck in the cabin. Their ages ranged from 1-64.

The Menominee County Road Commission and Harris Fire plowed most of the road until two trucks became stuck in the snow.

First responders from Meyer, Mellen, and Cedarville Township Volunteer Fire Departments used a Polaris Ranger to reach the cabin and rescued the stranded people.

Menominee County Road Commission, Spalding Fire, Meyer Fire, Harris Fire, Cedarville Fire, Conservation Officers MDNR, and Menominee County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the rescue.

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