18th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

HARVEY, Mich. (WLUC) - More than 300 people gathered for the 18th Annual Chocolay Lions Easter Egg Hunt Saturday. The Easter Bunny cut the “do not cross” ribbon and the kids began the search.

Among the 11 thousand eggs hidden, there were 8 golden eggs. If you found a golden egg, you received a special prize – such as a bike or a gift basket – donated from multiple businesses and sponsors.

“The kids are worth it. I see kids in here that were kids when they were parents brought them, now they are bringing their kids, too. It's just a great time,” said Chairmen of the Lions Easter Egg Hunt, Pete LaRue.

Along with the egg hunt, there were refreshments, snacks, and a petting zoo with baby calves, chickens, and bunnies.