108th District victories

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) After Tuesday night's election results, it was a win-win for Iron Mountain. Democrat Scott Celello and Republican Beau LaFave, both from Iron Mountain, will battle for the 108th District State House seat in November.

While last night saw many losses across the state, the two candidates came out victorious in Iron Mountain.
On the Republican side, former law school student Beau LaFave walked away with the win with a total of 4,055 votes against Republicans Alan Arcand with 2,909 votes and Darryl Shan with 2,258 votes.

"I just feel incredibly blessed by all the wonderful people that went out and supported me," said 108th District Republican candidate Beau LaFave. "Everybody who donated to the campaign, invited me into their homes, gave me a bottle of water when it was warm…we couldn't have done it without everybody who helped out."

Dickinson County Sheriff Scott Celello defeated his fellow Democrat opponent Dana Dziedzic by a 3,344 to 2,415 vote. But for the soon-to-be retired sheriff, the win was bitter-sweet.

"It's emotional because not only am I going through the emotions, ups and downs, of an election, but I'm also going through the emotions of leaving a career that I've put a lot into for 30 years," said 108th District Democrat candidate Scott Celello.

Although the two candidates may differ in several ways, they both can agree that they got to where they are now because of one big reason...

"Everybody who opened their door and talked to me or took that annoying phone call the last couple of days before the election," LaFave said.

"I appreciate the confidence that the voters in Dickinson, Delta and Menominee counties have given me, and I will work hard to represent them well," said Celello.

Both candidates say they're ready to get back to work and continue knocking on the doors of the people in the district they plan on representing.

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