1 Million Cups helps Copper Country entrepreneurs

Published: Jan. 10, 2018 at 12:40 PM EST
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A new community helps the growing network of entrepreneurs in the Western U.P.

"When I found out that 1 Million Cups was a new initiative that was happening, I knew I had to be a part of it," said Cedric Kennedy of Maker Hub.

It takes 1,000,000 cups of coffee for businesses to collaborate and build success. That is the idea behind 1 Million Cups and its new Copper Country Community.

"1 Million Cups is a community program that is there to promote entrepreneurship in communities. So, it brings together different organizations within that community, so that they can highlight the different aspiring entrepreneurs to share with the community what it is they are looking to do and get some feedback from the community," said Jason Mack, vice president of business development at M-Tech’s Smartzone.

The Copper Country Community is the second 1 Million Cups Community in Michigan. Two local startups presented their businesses at the first meeting.

"I've been saying for a while that there is this entrepreneurship spark that is happening in this community. If you look at Michigan Tech you can just feel the energy and the spark that is happening throughout Houghton right now. And then not just at the school itself, but in the community in general, too, you see a lot of people interested in bringing up startups. So I saw this and I was like, oh I've got to come," said Kennedy.

The meetings offer a chance for networking, brainstorming and mentoring.

"I want to know about other companies in the area, I want them to know about me and we can connect and help each other out. This is a relatively small area so I think being able to use each other's resources and support each other is fantastic," said Ashley Kern of Goldstrike Data.

There are 160 1 Million Cups Communities in the U.S. More information is available at