Annual Cow Pie Bingo fundraiser held for Gladstone High School Seniors

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GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) - The parents of the graduating class at Gladstone High School held the annual Cow Pie Bingo fundraiser on Sunday at Marble Athletic Field... But what exactly is cow pie bingo?

“It’s a bingo-type game where we get real live cows on the field and have drawn out a grid,” said Karen Hubert, member of the Cow Pie Bingo Committee. “Then, we randomly pull the numbers and the letters we put the grid out. The cows go on the field and as they do their droppings. The first dropping is worth a $1,000, the second is $750, third $500, and fourth is $250. So its big money if it lands on your square.”

Members of the community, seniors, and parents lined the fences waiting to see when the first dropping would be. After waiting nearly an hour the first winner was named. So far, they've raised a little more than $10,000, and all of the proceeds go to the senior's all night party at the end of the year.

“The money raised for this goes to our senior all night class party and that night gives us prizes for our college and our future,” said Gladstone High School Senior Kaylee Hubert. “So it would give us college dorm accessories, or even gas cards. We even have mini fridges or TVs so all of this is going to benefit us for the future. It’s really awesome that the parents and the community members and businesses put this together for us.”

“We try to do a party for the kids that’s a safe environment and no alcohol provided," said Karen Hubert. "During that evening they have games they have food they have prizes.”

They will host two more fundraisers before the end of the school year to help fund the party.

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