The Life and Times of Carl Pellonpaa

NEGAUNEE "The Life and Times of Carl Pellonpaa" chronicles the life of this Upper Michigan icon who holds the distinction of creating the longest running television program with a single host in the history of broadcasting. The program, Finland Calling, debuted in 1962 and ran its last episode in March of 2015, after a 53 year run.

You'll see the story of Pellonpaa's early life and career, his account of the origins of Finland Calling on TV6, the Finland Calling dances, the story behind the Finn Fest celebrations, and his service in this community that made him an integral part of the growth and development of Upper Michigan.

The documentary also features Carl's friends and co-workers reminiscing about his life. They include Ray Adamini, Don Ryan, Karen Rhodes, Walt Lindala and Larry Deloria.

To learn more about the program, contact Kim Parker at (906) 475-4161 X 131.