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Someplace Special Merchandise

Someplace Special Merchandise

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Two U.S. service members killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan

The military said preliminary reports do not indicate the crash was caused by enemy fire, and the cause is under investigation.

Murder-suicide that killed 3 outside Oklahoma Walmart a 'domestic dispute'

The gunman had been married to the woman he killed, and the man fatally shot is believed to have been dating her, police said.

To counter Iran, U.S. military may be forced into open-ended deployment

“The biggest cost is you lose the ability to project into Asia or defend the homeland,” said Ilan Goldenberg, one of the report’s three authors.

Marijuana decriminalization faces a long, hard road despite big victory

A Republican on the House Judiciary Committee said Republicans would oppose the bill and that "it is even less likely that the Senate would take it up."

Mom's measles immunity doesn't protect babies as long as thought

Most infants lose the protection passed down from mothers within 3 months, a new study finds.