Pavlina Osta

TV6 Morning Anchor
Marquette, MI
Pavlina Osta

Pavlina Osta comes to TV6 from New York City. Pavlina, besides being a media personality, best-selling author and award-winning radio host, rose through the media as director and producer of national podcasts for NYC’s Salem Media.

Pavlina Osta was born September 26, 1997, in Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Florida, the third child of Leigh (Pratt) and Ghazi Michel Osta. Her father was born in Zahle, Lebanon, and left the country along with the exodus of almost one million people during Lebanon's Civil War (1975-1990).

Pavlina spent over half her lifetime in various media platforms. Beginning in grade school, Pavlina was a steel drum street performer in her hometown of Daytona Beach, Florida. By 11 years of age, she created her own radio show, Pavlina’s Kidz Place- a show interviewing celebrities on location to discuss their obstacles in life. Her first interviews included Kevin Jonas, NBA basketball great Vince Carter, boy group Big Time Rush, the late Eddie Money and singer Jack Johnson. Pavlina’s show went on to boast over 800 interviews by the time she was 18 with many of her interviews going viral. Her early media journey was a “Hannah Montana” lifestyle of school, celebrity interviews then editing her show, scheduling guests then homework. “It was fantastic and full of managing my time at a young age. It was a lot of work but I learned a great deal from so many newsmakers, singers, politicians, sports figures and entrepreneurs like Steve Forbes who told me if you don’t take risks, you’ll never succeed, and Ed Sheeran who discussed my career with me.” Pavlina sums up her early professional life as “We all have journeys and interviewing so many professionals about their journey, gave me an advantage years later when I became an adult.”

Pavlina received awards for her interviews with Gloria Steinem, Dana Perino and Apple’s Steve Wozniac. Along the way, Pavlina achieved a Guinness World Record for ‘Most Radio Interviews in 24 Hours.” She was chosen by Disney and Steve Harvey as one of the Disney Dreamers, A Disney Dreamer Alumni, a 10th Anniversary Alumni Mentor and also as media for Steve Harvey’s Neighborhood Awards in Atlanta. While excelling in media, she also was a prominent dancer with a competition school, later with Orlando Ballet, intensive programs with Bolshoi Ballet in NYC and completed her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Pavlina gave up some of these activities when she entered the International Baccalaureate Program in high school but continued to increase her media presence. Pavlina interned for both iHeartRadio and Sean Hannity in New York City when she was 16 and accepted a position at Salem Media her last year of high school. Moving to New York City by herself and finishing her International Baccalaureate with honors online while working full time was a typical year for Pavlina considering her organic entry into the media world.

Pavlina immediately received a scholarship at The King’s College and completed her Bachelor's degree in Media, Culture and The Arts in three years while climbing the corporate ladder. Pavlina produced shows at the White House and other major venues. She was also a regular guest on national and international TV shows discussing current issues and a new growing phenomena - the world of Generation Z’s.

While living in the pandemic epicenter of the world, Pavlina experienced the worst and best of New York City. During quarantine, Pavlina received her certification as a yoga instructor and she wrote "20 Things Every Motivated 20-Something Should Know," a blueprint to success for Millennials and Generation Z’s. She’s proud of the feedback from so many who have reached out to her on how the book changed their lives.

Pavlina loves traveling and meeting new people and embracing new cultures. She’s finding cooking more of a pleasure since moving to the Upper Peninsula and loves all the outdoor activities!

Pavlina is excited to be a part of this great TV6 team! She joined in March 2022 as evening news anchor before switching to the morning news in the spring of 2023.