Cody Boyer

TV6 Evening Anchor
Marquette, MI
Cody Boyer

Cody Boyer comes to WLUC TV6 from Bozeman, Montana, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and located in the Gallatin Valley in Gallatin County, which borders Yellowstone National Park. However, Cody is a proud Michigander, born and raised in the Lower Peninsula in Gladwin County and a 2014 graduate of Northern Michigan University.

Cody was the senior reporter and evening anchor at KBZK / KXLF in Bozeman, Montana’s News Leader. For nearly three years, he sat alongside journalism greats like Donna Kelley and Chet Layman at the anchor desk while also leading the helm in the field, covering a wide arrange of topics and accruing several top awards, including two E.B. Craney Awards for breaking and hard news coverage and being voted “Bozeman’s Best Anchor” alongside Donna and Chet in 2020 and 2021. In 2020, he also joined the list of journalists in the historical coverage of Ted Kaczinski, also known as “The Unabomber,” being the first reporter to interview Ed Sprout, the semi-truck driver who avoided 25-plus years of cameras after hauling the Unabomber’s cabin from Montana to California. Cody frequently donned wildland fire gear and orange vests in the Bozeman area, covering wildland fires that expanded to tens of thousands of acres of Montanan prairie and mountain landscape, including the Bridger Foothills Fire, which destroyed around 70 homes in early-September 2020. He was also recently awarded "Bozeman's Best News Writer of 2022" prior to his return to Upper Michigan in November 2021. While in Montana, Cody also volunteered as an exotic animal rehabilitator, rescuing reptiles and other "unusual pets" from poorly-maintained circumstances. He also frequented the backcountry trails of Yellowstone National Park.

Prior to KBZK, Cody worked as a reporter and anchor at 9&10 News in Cadillac, MI, covering several counties and telling hundreds of stories across Michigan’s Northern Lower Peninsula. There, he was recognized with several Michigan Association of Broadcaster accolades for his coverage and attention to community life and events. One moment that he is proud of: meeting and interviewing "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky following the death of hockey legend Gordie Howe. Cody followed the Presidential Election of 2016 closely, interviewing many of the candidates and attending dozens of presidential rallies. He also was among the team to report on-the-ground during the peak of the Flint Water Crisis, covering the impact in both the communities across Genesee County and animal shelters found to also be battling lead-contaminated water. In record, he is the first reporter to have been able to venture into and cover "from the inside" a Rainbow Family Gathering in Manistee County in 2015, traveling by way of potato truck deep into the Manistee National Forest in Wexford County.

Back at NMU, Cody was swayed into journalism through the amazing opportunities at WNMU TV13’s “Public Eye News” and The North Wind campus newspaper, where he worked as an anchor/producer/director at PEN and, at The North Wind, the sports editor before becoming the editor-in-chief in 2014. He also produced and jockeyed a radio show on NMU's "Radio X."

All of that aside, Cody was brought back to Northern Michigan for a primary reason: it’s home. Cody loves everything to do with U.P., from hiking and fishing to remembering jumping off of Black Rocks during his university years. He’s trading the Bridger Mountains of Gallatin County for Sugarloaf and Hogsback, knowing that while they may not be as tall that no other landscape in the world has Lake Superior as a backdrop.