Warm start to the week with showers and cool weather to follow

Published: Oct. 1, 2023 at 4:13 PM EDT
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As we start the week temperatures will be well above average with 80s across the region but cooler air is looking to approach by Wednesday and Thursday. Sunny skies also last throughout the start of the week but chances of rain and thundershowers rise by Wednesday and Thursday. Have the umbrella nearby as rain doesn’t stop until Friday.

Sunday: Partly cloudy to mostly clear skies; warm

>Highs: Mid to high 70s east; High 70s to Low 80s west

Monday: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy; warm

>Highs: High 70s near lake; Low to Mid 80s inland

Tuesday: Partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies; warm

>Highs: High 70s to Low 80s

Wednesday: Increasing clouds; showers start in the morning and widespread by the afternoon

>Highs: Low to Mid 70s

Thursday: Mostly cloudy skies; light to moderate showers continue

>Highs: High 50s to Low 60s

Friday: Mostly cloudy skies; scattered showers in the morning

>Highs: Mid to High 50s

Saturday: Partly cloudy; chances of lake effect rain

>Highs: Mid to High 50s