EPDL kayak tour demonstrates new motorized kayaks

Kayakers looking for a new ride cruised around Little Bay de Noc on Friday.
Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 7:08 PM EDT
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KIPLING, Mich. (WLUC) - Kayakers looking for a new ride cruised around Little Bay de Noc on Friday. Instead of paddling, they pedaled and motored along the shoreline.

It was the only stop in Michigan for Old Town Canoe and Kayak’s national Power to the People ePDL + Demo Tour.

Blade’s Bait and Tackle and Old Town each demonstrated the latest evolution of motorized kayaks.

“It’s actually going to get released this next January 2024,” said Shane Tulowitzky, tour organizer. “But we’re on a demo tour talking about and getting people in the boat, so they can get an understanding of it before everything freezes up.”

Tulowitzky said the Big Water ePDL Kayak operates similar to an electric bicycle.

“They’re pedaling and then the motor is built into the drive, it kicks in and gives an assist,” Tulowitsky said. “So, it helps the pedaling, and it reduces the effort.”

The boat’s cruise control feature allows riders to sit back, take a break and troll the waters at speeds of up to 5 mph with zero pedaling involved.

Noah Johnson tried out one of the new kayaks. Johnson said he was surprised at how secure he felt in the boat when he took it out for the first time.

“Just how good it handled the waves,” Johnson said. “It’s a little windy out here on Little Bay de Noc, and it handled ‘em good, and the cruise control was nice, too.”

Johnson said he thinks the ePDL would be great for fishing.

“It’d be good for trolling for walleyes or just being out here on a nice sunny day like today,” he said.

Johnson said he also thinks the kayak will work well on smaller lakes where boats aren’t allowed or won’t fit, as well as on rivers.

The ePDL Kayak is available for preorder now at Blade’s Bait and Tackle.