Septic tank experts give maintenance tips for SepticSmart week

Sept. 18 to the 22 is SepticSmart week.
Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 6:45 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - Many U.P. homes use a private septic system and a well.

Carey-Sodergren is a U.P.-based septic tank company. President Ryan Carey said this week is a great way to remind people to check their systems.

He also says proper maintenance checks are a part of SepticSmart Week.

“Part of the SepticSmart week is to make sure you don’t have trees close to your drain field where they can intrude into your field and cause issues. But this was replaced because tree root which is a common problem in the U.P. got into the tank and to the system and ultimately caused it to fail,” said Carey.

Septic systems sit just above groundwater. A well-maintained system allows solids to sit at the bottom of the tank. Liquids get naturally processed through a drain field. Marquette County Health Department Environmental Health Coordinator Jennifer Farnworth said if a system fails, it can release damaging waste into the environment.

“If not maintained failing septic systems can contaminate groundwater harming the environment by releasing bacteria and viruses and house hole toxins into our waterways and into your well,” said Farnworth.

Carey said a maintained septic tank can keep valuable water resources safe. He also says using a septic system properly will make maintenance easy.

“Be careful that you are not flushing any chemicals, the flushable wipes are not good. As long as you know what you have and keep up on it every two to three years you are going to be perfectly fine,” said Carey.

Carey also said knowing where a home’s septic system is and how it works further improves its durability.