Dreary weekend with warming trend into upcoming week

Temperatures looking to rise into the 70s and possible 80s by Thursday
Published: Sep. 16, 2023 at 4:13 PM EDT
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Mostly cloudy skies are in the forecast or this weekend with isolated chances for rain. Rain chances will remain low as we start off the work week on Monday but the next big story for the U.P. is the warmer air moving in throughout the week. Temperatures will start off the 50s and 60s for Monday but by Wednesday warmer air allows for 70s and chances of 80s are possible by Friday.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy skies; scattered rain chances in the evening mostly in the southern counties

>Highs: Mid 60s to Low 70s

Sunday: Mostly cloudy skies; spotty showers possible in the afternoon and breezy

>Highs: Mid 50s to Low 60s

Monday: Partly cloudy; cooler air with breezy conditions remain around 20-25 mph

>Highs: Low to Mid 60s

Tuesday: Partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies; milder air

>Highs: High 60s to Low 70s

Wednesday: Partly cloudy with chances of scattered rain; warmer air

>Highs: Low to Mid 70s

Thursday: Mostly cloudy with few showers; warmer air lingers

>Highs: Low 70s near shore; Mid to High 70s inland

Friday: Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies; warm

>Highs: 70s