Keweenaw CAPE’s Make It UP! Makerspace holds beeswax wrap workshop

The wraps are used as an environmental replacement for plastic products to store food and can be used continuously by reapplying the beeswax mixture over time.
Published: Jul. 20, 2023 at 8:21 PM EDT
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HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - Keweenaw CAPE’s Make It UP! Makerspace held a beeswax wrap workshop Thursday afternoon at Hirvonen Hall.

Participants could create and take home up to three wraps of different sizes. The wraps are fabric layered with a hot mixture of beeswax, pine resin, and jojoba oil. Once dried, the cloth is waterproof and pliable and can be used to store fruits and vegetables, similar to traditional plastic wrap.

“It’s the first step in being able to learn something that you can carry on at home as a DIY project,” said Make it UP! Makerspace Manager Anna Sanchez. “We want to be able to provide people those resources.”

Sanchez says the goal is for participants to make use of these resources to help curb their usage of plastic products.

“They are made to replace things like plastic bags, cling wrap, saran wrap, things like that, “continued Sanchez. “They are a lot better for the environment because they can be reused multiple times.”

Sanchez notes that the wraps can then be re-coated for continuous use.

“Just keep continuing to apply the beeswax formula,” added Sanchez. “It is sustainable. It’s not something that you use once and throw away, it’s something you wash and reuse over and over again, and it doesn’t have to add to our already massive issue with garbage.”

Sanchez also says that more beeswax workshops will be available in the near future.

To find out about upcoming Make It UP! Makerspace activities and workshops, check out the Keweenaw Cape website, or the Make it Up! Makerspace Facebook Page.