More than 500 Finlandia University campus items, equipment up for auction

The auctioning of Finlandia University possessions is now live for all interested parties.
Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 7:00 PM EDT
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HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - The auctioning of Finlandia University possessions is now live for all interested parties.

More than 500 items, including computers, furniture and even the university’s mascot costume are up for sale.

Liquid Asset Partners in Grand Rapids is handling this auction.

Its CEO, Bill Melvin, said putting these items out into the community helps ‘recycle’ them.

“We get those assets back out into commerce where others can re-use them,” said Melvin. “We’re almost a recycler in that fashion where we’re getting these out to the most people so they can be repurposed and used for the next highest and best use.”

Receivers managing the affairs of the university have been at work preparing for this.

They are custodians of the university’s finances and responsibilities, such as paying staff and transferring student records.

“The other big thing we have to do is we have to sell the assets for the university,” said O’Keefe and Associates managing director Keith Chulumovich. “Real estate, buildings, dorms and such forth. And the personal property, from desks to chairs, and things like that.”

According to the receivers, the auctioning is split into two parts.

“The first part is showcasing snow equipment, vehicles and things that are more geared toward maintenance,” said O’Keefe and Associates managing director John Ruther. “Then, there will be a second auction that will feature things such as jerseys and other equipment that may be in the dorms, etc.”

Items for the first auction begin closing early Thursday.

There will be preview hours on Tuesday and Wednesday where parties can view items from the first auction.

The second auction has not yet been opened.

Interested parties must register with the website Proxibid in order to bid online.

For how to register and bid, click here to go to Proxibid’s ‘Finlandia University Campus Auction 1′ catalog.

Unlike the items being sold in the auctions, the real estate properties on campus are now available for purchase.