Sunny and dry stretch with showers at week’s end

Published: May. 29, 2023 at 4:06 AM EDT
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Sunny and mostly dry conditions are in the forecast for most of this week but chances of rain are possible by the end of the week. The week also will contain above average temperatures in the 80s, some places could almost reach 90° and with drier conditions fire risk is very high going forward. Chances of rain will predominately be in the western and central counties by Wednesday and lingers through parts of Thursday and Friday.

Elevated wildfire danger with dry conditions until Wednesday: DNR Daily Fire Danger Rating

Monday, Memorial Day: Partly to mostly sunny skies; warm with occasional light breeze

>Highs: Mid to High 70s near lakeshore; 80s inland

Tuesday: Partly cloudy skies; warm air linger with southerly winds

>Highs: High 70s to Mid 80s

Wednesday: Partly to mostly cloudy; chances of scattered showers in the central and western counties

>Highs: Low to High 80s

Thursday: Partly sunny to mostly cloudy; chances of showers and thundershowers in the afternoon

>Highs: 80s

Friday: Warm slightly relaxes with more chances of scattered showers

>Highs: 70s

Saturday: Partly cloudy; rain showers possible

>Highs: 70s

Sunday: Partly cloudy; mild

>Highs: 70s