L’Anse 6th grader raises funds for St. Jude Hospital with push-up challenge

Having started on May 3, Will is doing 500 pushups a day for the challenge, which calls for 3,000.
Published: May. 15, 2023 at 7:42 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 21, 2023 at 11:26 AM EDT
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L’ANSE, Mich. (WLUC) - A middle schooler from L’Anse is looking to make a difference through physical fitness.

Will Hoover is a 6th grader from L’Anse Area Schools. He’s using his athletic abilities to help others by participating in the Facebook push-up fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Christian Research Hospital.

“My dad was going through Facebook, and he saw it and he told me about it,” said Will. “It just really interested me because I’m an athlete and I thought it would be a fun challenge.”

The challenge asks people to complete 3,000 push-ups by the end of May. Along the way, participants ask for donations, which benefit St. Jude’s.

Will started his push-ups on May 3rd, and his current goal is to raise $500. He says he does 500 push-ups a day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

“In the morning, I wake up at 6, I go eat breakfast, do 250 push-ups,” continued Will. “I get on the bus, come home from school, and I do the rest in my workouts.”

His count, as of Monday afternoon, was around 2,500, which is just shy of the goal. However, his own personal goal is much higher. Will is aiming for 6,500 by the end of the month.

Will’s father, Jordan, says he expects that this won’t be the last time Will does this challenge.

“He’s just a boy who loves sports and athletics, and he enjoys the challenge,” said Jordan. “I would say he’ll definitely be back for seconds next year.”

Will’s father says thousands of people participate in the challenge across the country, and people can donate to anyone by visiting the official St. Jude Facebook page for “30,000 Push-Ups in May”. He also adds that it is not too late to participate, and encourages anyone who is interested to join in.

To find the St. Jude 30,000 Push-Ups in May Facebook page, click here. Visit Will’s personal fundraiser page here.