Lingering rain with moderate to heavy snow this weekend

Scattered rain Friday with snowy conditions this weekend
Published: Apr. 28, 2023 at 2:56 AM EDT
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Rain showers continue throughout the day mostly in the central and western counties receiving the higher amounts. When the weekend approaches snow chances increase mostly in the western counties that last into early next week. Highest amounts in of snow are tentatively set for the western highlands where some could experience nearly 12″ of snow, But after this system subsides by Tuesday night drier conditions with temperatures looking to approach the 60s by Wednesday.

Friday: Mostly cloudy skies; light to moderate rain in the central and west with snow chances late in the day

>Highs: Mid to High 50s; isolated Low 60s

Saturday: Mostly cloudy; moderate rain showers with snow chances west with cooling air

>Highs: High 40s to Low 50s

Sunday: Mostly cloudy; moderate snow west with rain chances in the east

>Highs: Mid to High 40s

Monday: Lingering snow chances in the west with rain elsewhere

>Highs: Mid to High 40s

Tuesday: Partly to mostly cloudy; diminishing precipitation throughout the day

>Highs: 40s

Wednesday: Partly to mostly cloudy; warmer air

>Highs: 50s/60

Thursday: Partly cloudy; seasonal conditions

>Highs: 50s