The Nahma Inn looks ahead to full summer schedule... despite ghost activity

TV6′s Tia Trudgeon spends the night ghost hunting at the haunted hotel
Kelly Carlson, Tia Trudgeon, and Charlie MacIntosh in front of the Nahma Inn.
Kelly Carlson, Tia Trudgeon, and Charlie MacIntosh in front of the Nahma Inn.(WLUC)
Published: Apr. 27, 2023 at 10:11 AM EDT
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NAHMA, Mich. (WLUC) - One of the U.P.’s most haunted hotels is looking ahead to a summer of activities, despite ghost activity.

TV6′s Tia Trudgeon stopped by The Nahma Inn to experience the ghosts for herself before the hotel enters its busy season.

Ghost hunter/former Nahma Inn employee Kelly Carlson recaps her numerous ghost experiences at the hotel, while owner Charlie MacIntosh adds that he’s never felt threatened, unsafe, or any negative energy around the ghosts in the hotel.

TV6's Tia Trudgeon spends the night at The Nahma Inn to watch for ghostly activity.

MacIntosh and Carlson say that higher levels of energy in the hotel bring out more ghost activity. So when the rooms are fully booked or there’s a concert happening at the general store next door, you’re more likely to leave the haunted B&B with a ghost story of your own.

MacIntosh adds that the haunting has become an attraction to customers and that the potential of ghost sightings doesn’t deter people from staying at the hotel.

TV6's Tia Trudgeon talks to Ghost Hunter Kelly Carlson and Nahma Inn Owner Charlie Macintosh about their experience with ghosts at the hotel.

Though the hotel is still in its winter hours, The Nahma Inn has a full lineup of concerts this upcoming season:

May 12: Ben Guage

May 13: G-Weezy comedy

June 1: Mia Brown and the Nashville Hit Men (’70s classics)

June 10: Sandy Blumenfeld and Pat Niemesto (Annual Bass Tournament)

June 23-24: Nahma Music Fest

July 7: Matthew Szlachetka and Sara Aila (Nashville)

July 22: Mulebone (New York Blues)

August 11: Kraig Kenning (Smooth Blues Folk)

September 9: David G Smith (Blues Folk Americana)

October 20 or 21: Fellow Pynins and Ian George (Americana)

You can check out the Nahma Inn and book a room online at