South Range inventor Edwin Lahti opens GoFundMe for suspension-lowering vehicle prototype

An inventor for 50 years, Lahti aims for the vehicle to be able to be used in multiple ways.
Published: Apr. 24, 2023 at 8:18 PM EDT
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SOUTH RANGE, Mich. (WLUC) - A long-time inventor in South Range has opened a GoFundMe to help fund the creation of an easy-access vehicle prototype.

An inventor for over 50 years, Edwin Lahti is the owner of Lahti Industries, and works with his wife with the goal of creating innovative, cleaner vehicles.

The all-wheel drive vehicle would be able to lower its suspension, letting the low floor of the interior become near level with the ground, allowing for easier access. It would also be outfitted with hemp body panels, reducing weight.

According to Lahti, he has made several variations of this type of vehicle over the years, and this would be the final prototype.

“I’ve been building these things for over 50 years,” said Lahti. “And I’ve done a lot of research. I believe I’ve got the state of the art.”

Lahti also says that there is a need for this kind of vehicle, such as to assist people with disabilities with boarding. It could be used for delivery vehicles and ambulances, making it easy to load cargo or patients.

“I would really like to see these vehicles, these low-four vehicles, be brought out there,” said Lahit. “Because they would help the handicapped, UPS drivers, and everything else.”

Like many of his projects, Lahti says he would be taking on the majority of the construction himself.

“The actual building of it and a lot of the work as far as bodywork and machining will be done by me,” added Lahti. “But I do have people out there who are waiting for me to get this money, and they will be doing some of the work for me.”

The funding would also go towards the prototype’s certification.

The GoFundMe goal is $250,000. To go to the GoFundMe page, click here.

Visit the Lahti Industries website by clicking here.