Fashion swaps are a low-cost way to refresh your wardrobe

Leftover clothes are often donated to charity
Published: Apr. 10, 2023 at 2:47 PM EDT
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InvestigateTV - If you’re looking to spring clean and refresh your wardrobe without going broke, a fashion swap may work for you.

Sara Bigham is a lifestyle contributor with the popular website and app, Eventbrite. She said there has been a resurgence of the swap and shop events.

“If you’re not familiar these are events held in your hometown, right in your own backyard where you bring in ten to twenty of your own items, gently used, in exchange for a ticket or a token which you can then use to get something new and take home to your house, without any cost,” Bigham explained.

She said there could be a small cost to get into the event, but the proceeds often go to charity. She added that many times items that are not swapped also go to charity or women in need.

“What’s really great about these swap and shop events, is not only are you getting new items for free essentially, but it’s a great opportunity to take inventory of what’s in your closet right now,” Bigham explained. “What do you need? What are you not wearing? What do you want to give away?”