Sun-drenched Easter with warmer air ahead

Published: Apr. 9, 2023 at 4:08 PM EDT
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This Easter Sunday is a beautiful one with plenty of sun but clouds are on the way from the west. Isolated rain chances are in the forecast for later this evening in the western counties and our central and eastern counties could receive some isolated rain tomorrow morning. Over the course of this week expect warm air from the southwest to bring above average temperatures which could melt a lot of the snow packs in a shorter period of time.

Monday: Light rain showers in the central and east in the morning; partly cloudy conditions follow

>Highs: Mid to High 50s

Tuesday: Warmer air lingers with partly to mostly sunny skies

>Highs: Low to Mid 60s

Wednesday: Partly to mostly sunny skies; warm

Highs: Mid to High 60s

Thursday: Partly cloudy skies; increasing clouds throughout the day

>Highs: 60s

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy; chances of rain in the west in the late evening

>Highs: 60

Saturday: Mostly cloudy; chances of rain that shifts into a wintry mix

>Highs: 60

Sunday: Chances of rain and snow linger

>Highs: 50