Students learn responsibility through Financial Reality Fair

8th through 12th graders navigated real-life financial situations to prepare them for the real world.
Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 3:55 PM EDT
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EBEN JUNCTION, Mich. (WLUC) - Superior Central Students got a taste of real-world financial situations through the Financial Reality Fair on Tuesday.

Limestone Federal Credit Union and sponsored by the Michigan Credit Union Foundation hosted the fair. 8th through 12th graders navigated real-life financial situations to help get them ready for the real world.

Limestone CEO Jennifer Watson said this event is preparing students for decisions they’ll have to make outside of school.

“Our goal with this event is to really show students how to manage a budget, take their income and their expenses to choose a lifestyle, rather than a lifestyle driving what their career is,” Watson said. “So, they’re given a career, along with a salary and student loan debt, helping them to make decisions long term.”

Watson said she hopes students understand the cost difference of choosing a cheap or expensive lifestyle.

“So many times we’re carrying around iPhones, laptops, we’re wearing the latest and greatest in clothing,” Watson said. “We don’t understand what the true monthly cost of that is and how it fits into our budget.”

Senior Wyatt Kulik said he has learned a lot from this event.

“I’ve learned nursing is a safe career, it’s practical, also you can have more fun than you think,” Kulik said. “You just have to be smart, obviously use help that you can get, the Surprise Booth I got a $100 from my mom, that was pretty helpful, just don’t rely on anything.”

Junior Bree Swajanen said they would recommend this program to other students.

“Seniors especially, because they’re going to be in the real world soon,” Swajanen said. “They need to know how to manage their income, so they don’t go bankrupt.”

Watson also said this event will help develop serious financial discussions over the dinner table.

You can learn more about Limestone Federal Credit Union here.