Workplace trends survey highlights employee wishes for 2023

Desire for better communication, more pay top the list
Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 3:36 PM EST
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InvestigateTV - Full and part-time workers are looking for a collaborative workplace, career development and job security in 2023, according to a recent survey by the website Offsyte, a company dedicated to creating unique team-building events for offices.

CEO and co-founder Emma Guo said 60% of the nearly 1200 surveyed want more collaboration within their own team and 63% want an improvement companywide.

When it came to individual employee requests, Guo said the top three responses were: taking on more responsibilities, learning new skills, and a salary increase.

She said job security was also a concern for many: 38% of workers are worried they may be laid off this year.

Guo encouraged employees to speak up about their needs.

“As uncomfortable as it may seem, having these conversations will surface areas and issues that your managers and employers may not be aware of,” Guo explained. “Typically, a great place to start is to have a transparent conversation with your director manager.”

Guo said it’s important to speak up and have a conversation so that your employers can make changes.

You can read the full Offsyte workplace report here.