UPDATE: Mission Point in Ishpeming responds to ‘deficient’ practices cited in state report that created likelihood for patient’s death

Published: Feb. 14, 2023 at 9:21 PM EST|Updated: Feb. 16, 2023 at 9:27 AM EST
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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - UPDATE: Mission Point Healthcare Services has responded to TV6 after a 179-page report from the state of Michigan described abuse and neglect at the Ishpeming facility.

The following statement was sent to TV6 on Thursday morning, after multiple requests for comment:

“We take very seriously our responsibility for and commitment to the health, welfare, and safety of our residents. That care starts and ends with strong onsite leadership. Upon receiving the report and further internal investigation, we immediately removed three administrative staff members and prioritized Ishpeming with heavy support from our regional care team. We have since hired replacements for the key administrative roles. While our regional leadership continues to spend a great deal of time with the new administrative team members and onsite at the facility to ensure a smooth transition, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our residents, families, and staff on the changes. Also, we are aggressively developing our plan of correction and have submitted it to LARA for approval. Moving forward Mission Point Healthcare Service leadership and facility leadership will continue to monitor the plan of correction to ensure substantial compliance.”

Facility employees called TV6 Wednesday night and said they have received a threat since the information was brought to light. Mission Point administration addressed the threat in Thursday’s statement:

“We reported the phone call and are working closely with local authorities and our internal administration and staff. Our team has been fully briefed and have a heightened focus on our security and active shooter policies and procedures. Our leadership team is staying in close contact with the facility to ensure we are following all the safety protocols.”

Mission Point is headquartered in Bingham Farms.

You can watch the TV6 report from Tuesday evening in the video player in this story. Click here to see the follow-up report from Wednesday evening.

Last published: Feb 15, 2023 9:20:14 PM

On Wednesday evening, a Mission Point employee reached out to TV6 to confirm that the director of nursing and nursing home administrator mentioned in a state report no longer work for Mission Point.

The employee said training for all current staff is underway and asked for complaints to be directed toward Mission Point’s corporate office.

TV6 left multiple emails with Mission Point’s corporate communications team but didn’t hear back.

Last published: Feb 15, 2023 12:05:02 PM

A 179-page report from the state of Michigan is shedding light on abuse and neglect at the Mission Point Nursing & Physical Rehabilitation Center of Ishpeming.

The report said insufficient practices led to the potential for abuse and neglect for all 48 residents of the facility. It also looked at allegations of abuse and neglect for 17 residents and found the facility failed to report eight of them.

The state said the practices at Mission Point led to the of death of one resident, referred to as Resident #12.

Resident #12 was found on December 14, 2022, with his upper body on his bed and his other half on the floor after an unwitnessed fall.

He was found without a pulse or respirations.

The resident was a “full code,” meaning they required any means necessary to be resuscitated.

The resident was found around 2:30 a.m.

A staff member referred to as CNA “G” left to bring another CNA home just before Resident #12 was found.

CNA “G” came back around 2:45 a.m. to find another CNA and RN pronouncing the resident dead and cleaning up his bowel movement.

However, they weren’t performing CPR yet and later said they didn’t know the resident was a “full code.”

CNA “G” told them this and contacted Emergency Medical Services at 2:52 a.m.

They got there around 3 a.m.

On January 9, the state interviewed a paramedic who responded on December 14.

“There were three staff in there and they were doing compressions on the bed,” the paramedic said. “You are not supposed to do them on a soft surface. They were doing compressions only. There was no BVM (Bag-Valve-Mask) until we took ours out. We put him on the floor... He was ashen gray. I was caught off guard when they told me what time they had found him. They said 2:30 a.m., and now it is 3:00 a.m., and I remember saying, ‘What took so long to call?’”

The director of nursing and nursing home administrator were not contacted on that night’s shift.

The DON and NHA said in a January 5 interview that there was no incident report or written investigation summary about Resident #12′s unwitnessed fall and unusual death occurrence.

The state reviewed five staff members at Mission Point in Ishpeming and found two lacked training for compliance and ethics.

The state also looked into three CNAs and found two didn’t have 12 hours of annual training.

You can read the report in its entirety here.

In October, TV6 looked into additional reports of abuse and neglect at the Mission Point location in Hancock.