UP representatives begin terms in Lansing

Democrat Jenn Hill and Republican Dave Prestin are two of many lawmakers who had their first day on the job Wednesday
Published: Jan. 11, 2023 at 5:39 PM EST
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LANSING, Mich. (WLUC) - The new state legislature met for its first time with two members of the U.P. joining them.

Democrat Jenn Hill and Republican Dave Prestin are two of many lawmakers who had their first day on the job Wednesday. They are part of a new class of state legislators beginning their terms.

Hill said she is excited to get to work representing the people of the U.P.

“I am really excited to be here on opening day,” Hill said. “I am grateful to the voters of the Central U.P. who put me here. I think that everyone should that big city Marquette to the smallest town of the U.P. out in the woods I am here to represent you and bring your voice to this building.”

Hill said she is going to make housing a priority.

“The number one issue I heard when I was campaigning was housing,” Hill said. “We know how much housing costs have risen both for buying a housing and renting. People want to work and want to stay in the U.P. and are having a hard time, so we are certainly going to be focused on that.”

We contacted Prestin but we were unable to reach him today at the capitol.

In a statement the republican said: “It’s an absolute honor to represent the people of Michigan’s pristine Upper Peninsula. I’m blessed with terrific staff to help me best serve our community. My team and I want to hear from local residents and help in any way we can.”

Incoming House Minority Leader Matt Hall opened with plans to introduce a bill that would more than triple the earned income tax credit for Michigan workers and raise income tax deduction amounts for seniors.

“I am coming forward in good faith wanting to work together and govern in the middle with Joe Tate and the Democrats, but they have to stay focused on these commonsense policies that are going to help working families like the ones we proposed today,” Hall said.

Hall expects democrats to introduce their own legislation Thursday that would remove the Michigan pension tax law.