Blizzard conditions subside on Christmas Day

Some law enforcement departments and other government organizations say to stay off the streets for tonight.
Published: Dec. 24, 2022 at 3:32 PM EST
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As Christmas Day progresses, snow will subside and winds will calm down with only isolated snow chances in Upper Michigan. This will be a much-needed break for road crews and people who need to shovel, snow blow and plow significant snow drifts that have developed in the past few days.




Christmas Day: Light snow showers in the morning; diminishes in the afternoon and evening

>Highs: Low to Mid 10s

Monday: Mostly cloudy; scattered snow showers in the northern counties

>Highs: Mid to High 10s

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy; more chances of snow in the north counties

>Highs: Mid to High 10s

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy conditions; mild air settles in with warmer air

>Highs: High 20s to Low 30s

Thursday: Mostly cloudy; rising chances of a wintry mix in the afternoon

>Highs: 30s

Friday: Mostly cloudy with mixed precipitation

>Highs: 30s