Marquette plow drivers share their unique point of view on the roads

Plow drivers give a day-in-the-life walkthrough of their day.
Published: Dec. 23, 2022 at 6:01 PM EST
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - On Friday, TV6 rode along with a Marquette Public Works plow driver. We got a first-hand look at the roads from the front seat of a plow truck.

Supervisor Chad Hightshoe describes what a normal day for a Marquette city plow driver looks like.

“Typically, we make two passes on each street, there are some streets that are a little bit wider,” said Highshoe. “So, we make three passes, then we use salt sand to take care of any ice issues and anything like that.”

Heightshoe also said each plow driver gets their own plow route and area of the city that they are assigned to. He also details that the trucks have unique pieces of equipment.

“This particular truck has a sander and an underbody, and it’s suited for taking care of any snow or ice conditions,” said Heightshoe. “The other trucks have front blades on them but this one doesn’t.”

Heightshoe said other vehicles often get too close to plow driver. Some automotive drivers tailgate the plows and that can be dangerous. Plow drivers recommend that you stay back at least 50 feet.

“I would prefer 75 to 100 feet, anytime were at intersections and we are rounding the corners we are always going to back up,” said Heightshoe. “So, we are looking in the mirrors and watching for traffic and so on and so forth and we try to be as safe as possible.”

It’s important to stay in the mirror view of the driver as Heightshoe says it can cause a crash.

“There have been several times when people have gotten right up behind us,” said Heightshoe. “The truck didn’t see they backed up over the car and they just didn’t see it because it’s a huge blind spot.”

Plow drivers said also long as you steer clear of them, they will keep our roads as safe as possible.