2 Marquette County grocery stores explain how to handle shopping rush

Two Marquette County markets tell their secrets to success when dealing with the influx of shoppers.
Published: Dec. 22, 2022 at 7:00 PM EST
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MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - Despite an influx of people in grocery stores right now two Marquette County markets said they feel well-prepared for the high demand.

The Marquette Food Co-op said it’s seen many people seeking last-minute items for Christmas dinner and stocking up for the storm however, they feel ready.

“We’re seeing a rush that was a little bit faster than normal and we totally get that. Luckily, we were well stocked up and had prepared ahead of time to make sure that everything was full. Before the storm hit before the holidays hit, so we are feeling pretty ready to go,” said Marquette Food Co-op Outreach Director Sarah Monte.

Monte said managers have made sure that they are well-staffed for the holiday crowds. She also goes on to say The Co-op has been preparing since July.

“While we may not be receiving that inventory all in July,” said Monte. “We’re already planning ahead and looking and looking at what the trucking routes are going to be and when those are coming so that we’re well prepared for the holidays.”

At Super One Foods in Negaunee, employees said inventory so far has remained strong as well.

Store Manager Kevin Champion said delivery trucks have been arriving early, allowing them to keep shelves stocked. Champion also said the biggest demand is for holiday food staples.

“So, you got stuffing, you got cranberry sauce, you got gravy, mashed potatoes, ham, turkeys and prime ribs.”

He also stated that the only shortage the store faces right now is staffing.

“We have people staying later, especially with cashiers, again cashiers and baggers are important to get the customers out of the store,” said Champion. “So, we are running shortages of labor, but we are staying late to take care of the customer.”

Both grocery stores will be open Christmas Eve but closed Christmas Day.