Fire Station partners with Last Prisoner to write letters for incarcerated

The letters can range from simple words of encouragement to sharing your own experience with...
The letters can range from simple words of encouragement to sharing your own experience with marijuana incarceration(wluc)
Published: Dec. 1, 2022 at 7:21 PM EST
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UPPER MICHIGAN, Mich. (WLUC) - The Fire Station and the Last Prisoner Project have teamed up to offer letter-writing stations at all seven of the dispensary’s locations across the U.P. this month.

The letters will be gathered and sent to prisoners across the nation who are serving time for non-violent misdemeanor cannabis crimes.

“There are a number of people we have spoken to that it means the world just to hear what is happening outside incarceration, the current state of cannabis and things they can look forward to,” Fire Station CEO Logan Stauber said. “Even having a friend or someone they can talk to as a pen pal can mean a lot.”

The Michigan Department of Corrections (DOC) says no one in Michigan is currently serving time for non-violent cannabis crimes, since marijuana was legalized in 2018.

However, Stephanie Shepard with the Last Prisoner Project says even if you live in a legal state, it is important to remember individuals who are still serving time around the country.

She speaks from experience, having previously served time in Connecticut for possession of marijuana.

“Keep those people in mind that don’t have that and think ‘what is something I can do,’” Shepard said. “Even if it is just writing a letter or sharing a social media post, going on our take action page and sharing a petition. All of these things make a difference.”

Michigan Department of Corrections Spokesman Chris Gautz reminds anyone writing a letter to not share any important personal information.

Though, he says exchanging letters with someone incarcerated can be valuable.

“They could have a lesson they want to share with someone,” Gautz said. “They have life experience and have made bad choices, but they are not defined by the worse choice they have made.”

If you are unable to write a letter but still want to support the non-profit, the Fire Station will be collecting donations for the Last Prisoner Project in-store until the end of December.