Getz’s and Meijer speak on Black Friday deals

Getz’s and Meijers discuss how Black Friday shopping has changed since the pandemic.
25% off sale sign at Getz's
25% off sale sign at Getz's(WLUC)
Published: Nov. 25, 2022 at 4:21 PM EST
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - According to Black Friday has been around since the 1960s.

Black Friday has also changed over the course of the years. Marquette Meijer Store Director John Spaulding discussed that there is not as big of a rush as there used to be.

“Looks different than it has in years past, we do get that quick spirit rush when the doors open but that is over within minutes, and I think everyone wishes it would be the craziness of the past but it’s not that way anymore,” said Spaulding. “I think the customers actually like it, it’s a little easier shopping experience.”

For the past two years, the pandemic has forced many Black Friday shoppers online. Getz’s General Manager Todd Keough talked about how U.P. stores have taken advantage of this.

“It seems like a lot of those companies are kind of offering black Friday for almost the month,” said Keough. “It Seems like a lot of them are doing a lot of different sales instead of just a day like it used to be pre-pandemic.”

Keough said that although online sales are strong, there is still a bigger presence of in-person shoppers.

“Our store presence is better than our online, so I think just that in general, our store business is pretty good,” said Keough.

Spalding added that popular gifts this year at Meijer include televisions and clothing.

“A great element 65-inch television, you know 500 dollars off. So, that’s the leading item I would say,” said Spalding. “We got a great deal on shoes, and the fashion area in this store has been the busiest part in the stores today so that’s what our customers are looking for.”

The Meijer in Marquette Township will be continuing their sales until midnight on Black Friday and Getz’s store sales will be running all weekend through Monday, Nov. 28.