Law Enforcement, CRA explain dangers of black market marijuana

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department and the CRA are highlighting the dangers of buying black market narcotics.
Marijuana in a cup.
Marijuana in a cup.(WLUC)
Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 7:22 PM EST
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MICHIGAN (WLUC) - On Nov. 6, 2018, the production, sale and use of cannabis became legal in Michigan.

Four years later, however, people are still finding ways to purchase it illegally. Cannabis Regulatory Agency Acting Executive Director Brian Hanna said his agency is working with the Michigan State Police to bring the marijuana black market to a halt. He also said it may have some connection to legal retailers.

“We are working together to share information and see if there are any linkages between the regulated market and criminal market activity,” said Hanna. “So if there’s criminal market activity pertaining to illicit marijuana products in the regulated market, the CRA has the authority of that.”

Hanna said some businesses are using illegal means to get a leg up on the competition through non-regulated channels like social media platforms. Marquette County Sheriff Greg Zyburt said these black market products are dangerous.

“You don’t know what your getting--everything from the legal dispensary is very organized and you don’t know exactly the percentage, where it comes from, and everything about it,” said Zyburt.

Zyburt also said there are many consequences of selling cannabis illegally.

“It all depends on the amount, but if you blatantly do it and you get caught, you will be fined,” said Zyburt. “Most of the laws are now civil infractions and they are misdemeanors.”

Sheriff Zyburt said selling or serving cannabis products to a minor is considered a misdemeanor. Both law enforcement and the CRA have recommended that if you’re going to purchase marijuana, do it legally because there are consequences if you don’t.