Bergman, Lorinser compete for 1st Congressional District Seat

Published: Oct. 25, 2022 at 6:32 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Incumbent GOP Congressman Jack Bergman and Democrat Bob Lorinser are facing off on Nov. 8.

Lorinser has been the medical director for the Marquette County Health Department for almost two years. Now, he wants to represent Michigan’s 1st Congressional District, which includes all of the U.P.

“I’m a Marquette native since 1989, started my career as a social worker physician with the Navajo Nation for three years then moved to Marquette where I served in multiple roles but mainly as a family physician,” Lorinser said.

Bergman has served as representative for three terms, he is a former commercial airline pilot and is the highest-ranking military veteran to ever serve in congress.

“Our country needs good men and women who have a lot of life experience and leadership roles and a perspective that will enable all 435 of us to make good decisions at the federal level,” Bergman said.

Lorinser said he supports universal health care and accessible and affordable public education. The Democrat believes inflation is one of the biggest issues right now.

“I think this is not a Democrat or Republican issue, we need to end up blaming covid, Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, drought and big oil companies,” Lorinser said.

Bergman would like to improve the economy by lowering energy costs.

“They’re way too high because we have an administration who chose to not give leases for drilling to try and shut pipelines, our current administration in Michigan is trying to shut down line five,” Bergman said.

And his main focus if re-elected will be expanding broadband infrastructure in rural and remote areas.

“I’ve been pushing the federal government to get us internet here in the U.P. and northern lower Michigan because many of our citizens are underserved,” Bergman said.

This is a goal Lorinser agrees with.

“That’s infrastructure, I’d even like to see cellphone service be better,” Lorinser said.

However, both candidates acknowledge, they have many differences.

“For the vast majority of my leadership life I’ve been in leadership roles, not bureaucratic roles where you didn’t have responsibility for people or outcomes,” Bergman said.

“I would represent all of us, not just one party. When I’m elected, I’ll represent Republicans, Independents, Democrats and the biggest party of all: those who don’t have a party,” Lorinser said.

Michigan’s 1st Congressional District Seat has been held by a Republican since 2011.