Sublime with Rome hits Camp Cannabis

Rome Ramirez talks about touring with Incubus and upcoming music
Published: Oct. 18, 2022 at 3:29 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The first-ever Camp Cannabis that occurred last weekend was a revelation for some and a long overdue experience for many.

Camp Cannabis, put on by The Fire Station Cannabis Company, promoted the use of and eliminated the stigma surrounding marijuana. Headlining performers, Sublime with Rome and rapper Afroman carried on the event’s entertainment.

Camp Cannabis was a perfect venue for the reggae band, especially since they have promoted cannabis for most of their careers.

I had the opportunity to speak with the lead singer of Sublime with Rome, Rome Ramirez. It was Ramirez’s first time in the Upper Peninsula, and he was taken aback by its beauty.

“It’s a very beautiful place, I haven’t been able to enjoy all of it, but I would love to come back with my wife sometime,” Ramirez said.

Sublime with Rome has given us years of reggae rock music. This year they’ve been touring this year with Incubus, Cyndi Lauper, and more. I talk about the band’s new music and their upcoming schedule.

“We head into the studio in January, we’ve been spending the last few years putting together ideas and working on new songs. So, come January that’s our time to take all of the songs we’ve been building, some of the ideas, and even some of the things we haven’t tried yet to make sense of it all. Hopefully, we can get 12 great songs,” Ramirez explained.

Every musician has their own creative process when it comes to writing new music. For Ramirez, it’s about getting away from home and going to the middle of nowhere so he can focus purely on the music.

“It’s definitely getting away from home. There are a lot of responsibilities you’re mentally tied to when you’re at home. We’re all kind of like that, we like to get out of Dodge and go to the middle of nowhere and focus on the album that way,” Ramirez said.

Sublime with Rome has been around for decades, and even with rotating band members, the band has managed to keep its legacy going. I ask them how they have been able to keep it fresh for the fans.

“Sublime’s music is so strong in itself; it reignites a new generation. That is a blessing because as vessels for live music people get curious and want to hear it live. Older people whose children are just discovering the band are like “oh you like Sublime? Let’s go see them in concert!” It becomes this generational movement that’s bigger than ourselves.” Ramirez explains.

Sublime’s music has inspired fans and other bands, for decades. The band says it’s partially because they don’t stray away from tough topics.

“We really focus on what the essence of Sublime always has been, keeping it [their music] true to the simple things in life. Celebrating good vibes in general but we try our best to implant that and push that narrative forward. At the same time putting light on topics most people don’t want to talk about because it may be vulnerable or construed as negativity. It’s our responsibility to help people cope with feelings and that’s what Sublime has always done. To be able to do it in a refreshing way and I just hope we can keep that same sort of energy going for the fans.” Ramirez said.

Sublime with Rome only has two more dates on its tour.

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