NMU Volleyball falls against Ferris State

The Wildcats fell short in a four-set loss, 3-1.
Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 10:39 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Northern Michigan University Volleyball team traveled downstate for their first game of the weekend, against the Ferris State University Bulldogs in the Jim Wink Arena. The ‘Cats fell short in a four-set loss, 3-1.

The Bulldogs opened up the set with a kill, but the Wildcats quickly came back with three unanswered points. Rayne Thompson came out hot as she produced the first two kills for the ‘Cats. Tallies on the board went back-and-forth till the 9-9 mark. The energy in the arena was heated, as the two teams battled. The Bulldogs were able to capitalize on some Wildcat faults, putting them up 11-16. But Meghan Meyer showed no hesitation to rally back as she pounded the ball down into the Bulldog court. Madeline Crowley could be seen digging the ball from anywhere, helping Meyer to produce.

After a few big plays by the Wildcats, the team was able to tie it up at 18 a piece. The Lauren Van Remortel and Jaqueline Smith duo were back at it again, racking up points for the ‘Cats, giving us a 20-19 lead. The final plays of the game were a real nail-biter as the points went back and forth in the 20s. Rayne Thompson was able to force extra points as she put up another two consecutive kills, bringing the score to 24-24. Ferris State was able to close out the set 26-24.

Jacqueline Smith put up the first kill for the Wildcats, but the Bulldogs wasted no time putting up four unanswered points. Lizzy Stark stepped up, showing off her superiority by smashing one down that the Bulldogs could not recover.

The Bulldogs held a fairly consistent lead throughout the match, but the Wildcats did their part in producing good plays. The Van Remortel and Smith combo put in a shift as Smith threw down three kills in a row for the ‘Cats, putting the score at 14-9 for the Bulldogs.

Northern continued to fight as the Bulldogs went up 18-11. The ‘Cats were not going to go down easy as Meyer, Stark, and Smith did what they did best and hit down into the Bulldog court. The Bulldogs won a tight second set 25-22.

Ferris State started strong in the make-or-break set for the ‘Cats, going up 4-0. Alli Yacko used her veteran skills to hit two service aces, giving the Wildcats a push.

The Wildcats put their hearts into the game to take a lead in the third set. Rayne Thompson hit a kill that put the ‘Cats up for the first time in the set 11-10. Northern went on to hit six kills in a row, the ‘Cat bench went absolutely wild. Jaqueline Smith helped the Wildcats extend their lead in the set with two solid kills, making the score 23-20. The ‘Cats held their lead till the very end, despite the Bulldog pressure, winning the set 25-23.

The Bulldogs stepped up their game in the fourth set as they looked to close out the game, but the ‘Cats weren’t going to let them take the set easily. Rayne Thompson again showcased her expert spike as she threw down two quick ones. The Bulldogs led 8-4. Ferris State continued to dominate the game despite endless effort from the ‘Cats, extending their lead to 20-10. Meghan Meyer and Rayne Thompson went the extra stride to secure a few more kills for the Wildcats, but the Bulldogs were unstoppable, winning the set 25-13.

The Wildcats return to the Upper Peninsula for their second match of the season against the Lake Superior State University Lakers. The match begins at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 1.