Upper Peninsula residents celebrate National Dog Day

Top Left to Right: Daryl (Quinn Barrios), Aauuley Celeste, Aasher Clarice, & Aackley Coraline...
Top Left to Right: Daryl (Quinn Barrios), Aauuley Celeste, Aasher Clarice, & Aackley Coraline (Amy Niemi), Piper June (Renee Aho), Peaches (Bill Holland), Jersi (Terri Argall), Henry (Dave Aro), Norman & Jasper (Lilah Vidlund) Middle: Peete (Jennifer Tucker), Jorjet, Jack & Baxter (Jessica Keto), Maisie (Shannon Konoske), Philly (Liz Goetz) Bottom: Sal (Denise Elizondo), Gracie (Cecily Milkie), Penny (Anne Perala), Ronin (Dan Pruner), Stella (Brigitte LaPointe)(WLUC)
Published: Aug. 26, 2022 at 1:24 PM EDT
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UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WLUC) - Friday, Aug. 26 is National Dog Day. It offers an extra opportunity to celebrate your furry friend.

Officially established in 2004 by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Animal Rescue Advocate, and author Colleen Paige, National Dog Day celebrates all dogs, mixed breed and pure.

“Millions of dogs are killed each year because they’re simply unwanted,” the founder said on their official website. “All a dog wants to do is love you and be loved by you. Dogs are amazing, courageous, sensitive, and sentient beings that deserve compassion and respect. Please consider bringing what was once considered ‘unwanted love,’ into your heart and home on National Dog Day!”

U.P. residents shared the love for their own fur babies on Upper Michigan Today Friday morning.

Dogs in need of homes have found some extra love lately in Upper Michigan, thanks to surrounding shelters.

Alger County Animal Shelter found five dogs “furever homes” last week.

One lucky pooch from Delta Animal Shelter even found his home at a fire department in Cadillac, MI this month, and has gained notoriety for his new role. Loki even has his own Facebook page with the Cherry Grove Fire Department.

Upper Peninsula Animal Shelter (UPAWS) in Marquette County has a bundle of puppies looking for homes to raise them with love.

More than finding adoptions, the shelters even reconnect lost dogs with their owners. Copper Country recently went as far as to find a ride downstate to her owner who she had become separated form in the U.P.

If you’re hoping to find a fur baby of your own, you can find information on adoptable animals in the Upper Peninsula by visiting our website.