Demand for substitute teachers high for many UP schools

Munising Public Schools approaching the next school year
Munising Public Schools approaching the next school year(WLUC)
Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 4:41 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 18, 2022 at 5:59 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Teachers are an invaluable resource for schools and many districts are also needing more substitute teachers.

Substitute teachers are a resource that many school districts rely on throughout the academic year.

But many districts like Munising Public Schools are still searching for subs. Munising Public Schools Superintendent, Mike Travis says the demand for subs in the district is significant.

“We are actively seeking subs and advertised for them. We do have a core group of dedicated subs that have worked for us years and they come back every year and we are very thankful for them,” Travis said.

Travis said there are several subs for the elementary and middle-high schools. For Munising Public Schools, substitute teaching can pay $100 or more per day. If the district has a lack of subs, Travis said it affects everyone.

“We’re on a six-period day, every teacher teaches five classes, if we have five classes and don’t have a sub to fill for that day,“ Travis said. “We could be asking up to five teachers currently in the building to give up their conference period to cover that teacher.”

In western Marquette County, the NICE Community School district is also searching for substitutes. Superintendent Bryan DeAugustine says this year is looking to be a normal year compared to the last couple of years.

DeAugustine says district positions like bus drivers and support workers are also open. Though DeAugustine said those positions have additional requirements.

“It varies, obviously bus drivers need special licenses to drive a bus, and then there are some college credit requirements for substitute teachers, but that number is pretty achievable,” DeAugustine said. “Support staff members is just a matter of coming in and then meeting with us and being vetted.”

DeAugustine said the interest level for subs has been spread out fairly evenly across education levels.

“People have a lot of different interest levels, the different ages of kids really take different personality types and a lot of subs are versatile and will work across the K-12 spectrum which is really great too, that makes them a really great asset,” DeAugustine said.

If you are interested in a substitute position where you live, most districts have the positions on their website like NICE Community School and Munising Public Schools.